ABC Island to Close in Second Life

It’s not surprising but sad all the same: the wonderful community-driven project that is ABC Island in Second Life, is to close on the 22nd of September.

The island has been a staple of the Australian Second Life scene since March 2007, and it’s undergone a number of iterations since then (check out a lot of them here).

Given the relatively small number of Australian visitors the sim gets compared to its heyday, it’s not a shock that the ABC are redirecting the funds. That doesn’t make it any easier for the small and dedicated bunch of volunteer admins of the sim.

We’ll have more details on farewell arrangements / spontaneous wakes etc as we find out ourselves.


  1. Jayjay zifanwe says

    who are the volunteer admins?

  2. Damn it – that was HOME!

  3. All of them 😉 If you mean names, best to contact Katisha Honi in-world 😉

  4. Tiffy Vella says

    So sad…I was born there, and owe many old friendships to SL’s ABC Island.

  5. I’d pay $A10 a month to keep this going (what I can afford). Maybe others could as well?

  6. Ginger Rodgers says

    Sorry to See ABC Island to go, but I suppose it had to happen one day as did the Pond. I had some input at ABC myself with the Eco challenge and the build contests, that was a lot of fun.

  7. Jay Jay Zifanwe says

    any of the admins looking for an Aussie home…. the UWA sims are there, and we have a sandbox etc that all are welcome to use. contact me inworld Jayjay Zifanwe

  8. Juko Tempel says

    I also spent my early years in SL at ABC Island and have very fond memories of the place and the people who had so much fun there. Looking forward to Lowell’s article and sad I can’t make it to events in September. Best wishes to the ABC Friends!


  9. Notice though, how many of us Second Life users still keep our SL names for our other Social Networks?

    I gained “Rankin” from there.

    Not long ago I seriously considered changing my name to Wolfie Rankin.

    I didn’t go through with it because I realised what the advantages of having two names was to me.

    SL gave me a lot of confidence in talking to others, which I didn’t have before that, and was a real boon when I was still recovering from illness.

    Thanks ABC, and Thankyou to the other Admins.

    BTW: I have let Abi Goldflake know too, She has recently left ABC, and was out of the loop.

  10. Daniel Voyager says

    Very sad news 🙁


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