Five Great Sources of Humour on Facebook

ItuDSIf like me you spent the odd minute or two on Facebook, you may be looking for some reliable sources of humour. Below we have five Facebook pages that deliver just that.

1. Three Laughs Per Day

First some transparency: this is a page that I run for pure enjoyment. It has a mix of humorous pics with some attention to avoiding racist / sexist posts. Only a handful of posts are made each day at the most. Usually safe for work although contains some language – overall for over 18s only.

2. Creepypasta

A good cross-section of humour, mostly safe for work. Over 18s. Usually 6-8 posts a day.

3. Cop Humour – Australia

All police-related humour but still broad enough to appeal to most. Quite a few posts per day but not enough to be annoying.

4. Collective Noun

Given the title, you assume this is a more full-om page but it’s generally ok although there are definitely a number of NSFW images posted. Over 18s only.

5. No Hope For The Human Race

Although there’s some more general humour, this one’s not for the faint-hearted and definitely isn’t safe for work at times. Also has some more contentious humour that will get some people’s backs up. Absolutely for those over 18 only.

Post your favourite Facebook humour pages in links below!

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