Five Cool Cases For The iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5S has been out for a couple of weeks now, so I thought it might be worth a quick roundup of some of the more different case options out there for the phone. Of course, most iPhone 5 cases will fit the 5S too, so unless you see otherwise assume those below are iPhone 5 compatible. All prices in US dollars.

BookBook_for_iPhone_5_5s_-_BookBook_for_iPhone_5_5s_-_Twelve_South 1. BookBook

I’ve owned a MacBook Pro version of the BookBook for a few years now, but the iPhone 5S version has a wallet built in as well.

If you only have a few credit cards to stash and you don’t mind having to open the BookBook to chat on the phone, then this is worth considering.

It looks great and although pricey at $59.99, it’s leather and looks solid.

Find out more here.



2. Bling Biscuit

Ok, it’s gimmicky and appears only available on Ebay, but I like it:


3. iLuv Camera Case

If retro is your thing, the vintage camera case design might appeal. $44.99 from iLuv.


4. Danchi Government Housing Case

Not sure how many of these have been sold, but I suppose there’s a market for everything. $41 will get you one from here.

danchi-government-housing-iphone-5-cover-case-1 5. Thumbs Up Pill Case

This one’s been out for quite a while for the iPhone 5, but it deserves a special mention. Not sure how you’ll go putting it through customs at the airport though! Cheaper than real pills at just over six euros from Amazon.



If you know of a particularly cool iPhone 5S case, drop a line in comments to let us know.

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