How to back up your iPhoto library to Flickr

If you’re an iPhoto user like me, you may have wondered how to back up your iPhoto library to Flickr without using iPhoto itself. Up until today, I’ve been using iPhoto’s built in option to share albums with Flickr, but I’ve found it nothing short of unreliable.

So after a bit of a search, I found an app on the Mac App Store called Backup to Flick For iPhoto that works like a dream. It costs AU $2.49 to buy the app, then when you launch it you just need to authorise it with Flickr, using your Flick login and password.

Once you’ve done that, you have a bunch of options to choose from (note that some require a further purchase although none of them were deal breakers for me so I didn’t need them):

Backup_to_Flickr_for_iPhotoOnce the app has finished scanning Flickr for any pics you’ve already uploaded, it starts the upload process for your photos:

Backup_to_Flickr_for_iPhoto 2

That’s all there is to it – as you can see from the second pic, I have over 2000 photos to upload (my library is over 12,000 but most had been already uploaded via iPhoto previously). It has worked flawlessly – my only request would be for the ability to be able to pause uploading, but beyond that it has everything I’ve needed. It’s definitely the best $2.49 I’ve spent on the app store. And Apple: take a good look at yourself for offering a sub-standard option as far as cloud backup for iPhoto.

Grab it for yourself here.





  1. Thx! Just what I was looking for!

  2. Hello David – very interested to read this, thank you. Please may I ask one thing: once you’ve backed up your entire library what happens when you add some new photos?

  3. Hi Chris – you just run it again and it incrementally adds the photos.

  4. It looks like a bunch of in app purchases to do most things you would want to do. Just how expensive can it get if you want all the functionality?

  5. PicBackMan says:

    PicBackMan allows uploading all or specific events from your iPhoto library to multiple service accounts at the same time. It also supports the new Mac OSX Photos library. Give it a try.

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