Government Slams Public Service Perception Of Entitlement


The exodus begins for Canberra’s public servants

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has hit back at criticisms that his government have not factored in the redundancy costs for the increased number of public servants now facing the axe after this week’s Budget.

“The Age of Entitlement is over, as has been made very clear this week,” Cormann emphasised.

“Remember, these people are public servants. There has been way too much emphasis on the public side of the equation and too little attention to the servant side. That will be changing and we know the Australian people will understand these are decisions that have had to be taken.”

When asked about the basic rights any employee enjoys, Cormann was unrepentant. “These people have essentially been on a holiday since Kevin Rudd got his claws out of them. They should consider the last 9 months as entitlements in lieu and leave it at that.”

Under repeated questioning from those assembled, Cormann was visibly strained and ended the press conference promptly when it became apparent no-one was going to ask a question that gave him the option of replying ‘I’ll be back”.

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