Ten Great Game Of Thrones Theme Covers

With Season 4 wrapping up, I thought it was worth highlighting a few great cover versions of the Game of Thrones Theme. Enjoy!

This one is so close to the original you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference during the first minute or so, then it branches off into something pretty amazing:

This one puts a brilliant jazz / dixieland flavour into it:

If too many trombones are never enough, you’ll be drooling over this version:

In the mood for some smooth jazz?

Am I the only one that wants to raid my own kitchen to do something similar to this piece of brilliance?

A Capella anyone?

How about a second helping, this time with some humour:

The Peter Dinklage version:

Of course there had to be a Game of Thrones metal cover:

And finally, the 1980s remix:

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