How To Block YouTube on iPad and iPhone

Here’s a little tip for those parents who have enabled restrictions on their kids’ devices, but still find that YouTube is accessible.  I’m assuming you’ve already set up restrictions (under Settings > General > Restrictions).

The next step is to tap on ‘Add a Website’ under ‘Never Allow’. The trick here is to enter both the normal YouTube URL ( and the mobile site URL (, as most times your iPad or iPhone will access the mobile site.
Here’s a pic of the setting correctly entered:


The same of course applied to other sites that have a mobile version. To determine the URL for a mobile version, just tap once in the URL bar of Safari once the site has loaded, and you’ll be able to see the full URL.

Hope that helps you a little.




  1. Thank you for the post- it works great. I had blocked YouTube but forgot to punch in the mobile site

  2. Most kids know how to disable these settings. I am looking for a way to block at the router. I have turned off the http ports during specific times. However, there are occasions when the children need internet to access school work / research. The apple devices have the youtube app and the router does not seem to block this content. Does anyone know how to block the youtube content without blocking the http port?

  3. Hi – thanks so much, this works! I just couldn’t work out how to block Youtube which is such a nightmare for younger kids (10 year old daughter). For the last year, I had to completely block Safari from her iPad. Regard Matt’s comment – surely if the kids don’t have the Restrictions Password, they can’t undo this setting?

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