The City 2 Surf Run Summarised In 14 Simple Points

city2surf(A guest post from Wendy Symons – thanks Wendy!)

Ok so I have been asked a lot of questions about the City2Surf for beginners. Here is my spin on it.

1. It’s a bloody long way.

2. There are a lot of people.

3. There are a lot of stupid people.

4. Heartbreak hill is not a hill, it is actually a mountain that is 1.6 kilometres long. Anyone that tells you differently is lying.

5. There are people that sit about 1kilometre up the mountain and tell you that you are at the top. They are also lying and they should be punished or stabbed with a fork.

6. There are people who sit outside their fancy houses having champagne breakfast/brunch. They are cruel people and should also be punished.

7. Everyone says the run is 14 kilometres. More lies. It is 14.7 kilometres. Which is practically 15 kilometres. Trust me, every metre counts when you are running up and down hills.

8. There is lots of nice things to see along the way, but you won’t see any of it.

9. When you finish, you may just run into the only other people you knew were running. Just randomly. Whilst buying a T shirt. With 80 000 other people.

10. The bus ride from Bondi to Bondi Junction afterwards will be far more painful than the actual run.

11. You will be unable to walk up or down stairs for a couple of days without looking like an idiot. Random people will ask you how you went in the run purely because you are walking like a duck.

12. Despite all this you may contemplate doing it again next year.

13. And if your beloved has done the run more than half a dozen times, you may prefer to get tips from him, rather than waiting till the day before the run to tell him you are going in it.

14. And if you want to do it, just do it. Life is short. Go your hardest.

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