We Hate People Episode 7: We Are Tight But Whole

logo-withtagline-blogsize300x300We jump feet first into the issue of entitlement this episode. Whether it’s politicians or the rest of us, we have some gripes on the issue. Also – apologies for the sound quality tonight, we’ve tried to minimise the issue as much as possible.

The Show Notes

– Shout out to It’s A Trap Podcast
– Shout out to listener JB (damn those stools) and Jayconnell (bitching about one’s job instead of doing it)
– Politician entitlements
– Vinyl craze about to make way for cassettes? (and here’s Meco)
Marvel’s 1872 title is great
– iTunes is a toxic hellstew
– 1000 rockers and the Foo Fighters (link)

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We Hate People
We Hate People

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