Three captured soldiers are about to be executed by a firing squad

The first captured soldier is taken in front of the firing squad and is about to get killed.

That soldier gets clever and thinks of a plan: right before the enemies fire at him, he yells “EARTHQUAKE!.” The enemy firing squad gets confused for a moment thinking there’s an earthquake. By the time they realize it was a false alarm, the captured soldier had already escaped.

The second soldier is brought before the firing squad but is also quite clever. Right before the firing squad shoots him, he yells “FLOOD!” and everyone gets confused for a moment. He quickly escapes before they realize that it was also a false alarm.

The third soldier is now brought up against the firing squad. The third soldier realized he could escape the same way the other two soldiers escaped: giving a false alarm and tricking everyone into thinking there’s an emergency. As the firing squad prepares to shoot, the soldier yells “FIRE!”

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