Light at the end of the tunnel for lag?

There are growing reports of Linden Labs opening up their servers to open source. New blog ‘LA 2nd Life’ run by Australian, DanteJones Laszlo, outlines nicely the upsides of non-Linden Labs owned servers.

Whether open sourcing solves some of the greater underlying architectural issues is debatable, at least in the short term. Aside from lag, the deal breaker for a lot of SL users is the inablity to have more than around 100 people on any one sim at one time. Solve that and SL will truly come into its own.

International Technology Expo 2007

Over the next three days SL will be host to the International Technology Expo – 2007. It opens on Friday April 20, at noon PDT (April 21st at 5.00am Australian EST).

The organisers have billed it as “showcasing the most innovative in technology products and services created by its residents for business and personal needs.”


The full listing of expo scheduled events has been posted but along with the technology focus there should be a few visitors dropping in for the concert events (in Australian EST):

April 21 Midday Concert – John Legend
April 22 Midday Concert – Black Eyed Peas

The event has an aussie connection in one of the major sponsors, Melbourne headquartered, Cattle Puppy Productions.

UPDATE: final confirmation of John Legend and Black Eyed Peas is pending.

Geeks make better lovers in both SL and RL

According to Regina Lynn at, bonafide geeks have made the sex side of Second Life and real-life a much better place.

The obvious question is: are active users of Second Life geeks, pioneers or both?

Note: some links from the Wired article contain explicit images and are not suitable for children/work etc.

Teens protesting – unification with main grid an option?

Some activists on the teen grid are protesting at the lack of access to PG areas on the main grid. On the 6th of May a march has been organised to raise awareness on the issue.

Like any proposal to increase interaction between children / teens and adults, there are some significant benefits and downsides. The first problem that occurred to me with such a proposal is the potential grooming or related scenarios that could occur. It’s an extreme example to use but like any online medium it is a risk. Any integration would need to involve a heightened level of monitoring of interactions without destroying the spontaneity of Second Life. That said, young people should have access to the superb educational resources on the main grid and should feel safe in the process. Achieving the latter without the former is a big ask indeed.

Is integration achievable? We’d like to know your thoughts.

Acknowledgement – the idea for this story came from an article run by SL Insider

Speed building in Second Life

If you’ve ever wanted to see a large build in a short amount of time, then watch this.


SL resident and Urban Planning student Lordfly Digeridoo tracked his own progress over a week timespan building a 6000-prim replication of a real-life area. I hope he got the marks he deserved. What the video accentuates as well is some of the shortfalls of SL’s building tools – there’s a lot of avoidable and repetitive work in a large build.

New viewer update next week

As per the offical Linden blog, there’ll be six hours downtime for the upgrade of the grid – with viewer update required. The details of the new features / improvements can be found here.

The most exciting addition for a lot of users will be the embedding of the LSL Wiki into the browser.

Making real music in real time

I was pointed to a fascinating blog post – a Tokyo-based artist, Lance Shields is the real-life alter ego of both Andres Watanabe and Juria Yoshikawa. He’s developed Sound Station 1.0 – there’s a streaming video on his site.



If you watch the video, the Sound Station has obvious uses for musicians or other performance artists in-world. We’ve dropped Andres a line to find out more, watch this space. Anything that takes virtual music performance beyond streaming is a big step forward.

Casinos in SL – the beginning of the end?

According to the Official Linden Blog, restriction are being put in place to prevent advertising of simulated gambling i.e. casinos.


The response from users is mixed as always. A number make a fairly safe prediction – that gambling will just become more subtle and/or involve links to external websites. A number of others are jubilant that their lag issues on mainland sims is likely to reduce. What are your thoughts?

FBI and Gambling – Australian connotations?

Update: According to the Official Linden Blog, the report by Reuters is a furphy….


As reported by Reuters earlier this week, FBI agents in the US have been investigating gambling within Second Life. The story is well worth a read and it poses some fairly substantial questions for Australians operating businesses in Second Life.

Firstly, every country has different gambling rules than the US so potentially, US-based casinos may need to shut down whilst others do not – on assumption Linden Lab aren’t directed to ensure gambling doesn’t occur at all on their US-based grid.


Secondly, Australian authorities appear to have not taken a great deal of interest in Second Life at this stage although realistically any investigations are unlikely to be public. Aside from some coverage of the Australian Tax Office’s interest late last year there’s been little activity.

Finally, stories like the Reuters one on the FBI crytallise the ongoing issue that governments and their instruments like law enforcement have a great deal of catch up to do in regard to virtual worlds. You’ll know things are starting to happen when Parliament holds a Senate enquiry into virtual worlds – and no, we won’t be proposing that here at SLOz 😉

Linden embed humour into teleports

Firstly a disclaimer – if the below information has always been the case then I whole-heartedly put my hand up for being an unobservant, self-absorbed writer.

Over the weekend when teleporting I noticed some new text appearing during the teleport. Here’s one example:


Another one (and my favourite) is something along the lines of: “Every time you teleport, a prim dies”.

Would like to get your comments on other ones you’ve seen…

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