Japanese Tsunami: advertising fail

Advertising can be intrusive at the best of times (and yes we do run ads on this site but nothing too full-on). When advertising really fails is when it doesn’t recognise the context in which it’s being presented. One of our readers, Graham, sent a link through showing one example from yesterday’s terrible events in Japan. I’ve captured it, take a look for yourself:

It’s just one of those unfortunate things, but it again shows how far we have to go with contextual advertising. Or am I overreacting?


Electric Sheep have virtual ad network in development

Over on Clickable Culture, Tony Walsh has pointed to Electric Sheep’s ad network in development (beta sign-ups located here.


Such developments will go down like a lead balloon with some residents and there’s previously been a movement against the proliferation of ads.

What’s your thoughts? Would you place advertising on your land if you were paid?

Movement to minimise Ad Farms

I noticed today on the 2nd Place blog that there’s a movement underway to stop land parcels under 128 m2 from showing up in land searches.

The assumption is this would remove the saleability of the 16m2 ad farm horrors that have proliferated over the mainland sims. If they annoy you it’s probably worth voting and discussing the issue on the Second Life JIRA.

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