Armory Island closes

Last week I received a message from Apollo Case, the Australian owner of Armory Island in Second Life. It’s been a high-traffic, successful business over the past two years I’ve observed it, so I was surprised to hear it’s closing.

It’s not the end of Apollo’s involvement in Second Life, with a much more modest presence already open. It shows just how much commitment it requires to sustain a large in-world business, with no guarantees of sustainable revenue. Good luck to Apollo for the scaled-down venture.

(Disclosure: Armory Island is an advertiser on this site).

Virtual Combat Expo

Apollo Case is an Australian Second Life Resident who owns Armory Island, one of the more popular haunts for avatars who like their weapons. He recently sent me some information on the 3rd Annual Combat Expo coming up in May this year.


Apollo is touting the expo as focusing on anything to do with virtual combat – “We want to help in-world creators raise their corporate profile within Second Life, and assist real life companies in building their presence within the virtual world.”

There’s also a schedule of presentations up for grabs – “presentations from real life organizations that are friendly towards Australia and its allies will also be welcome.” So any enemies of Australia obviously aren’t welcome (who are Australia’s enemies anyway?)

There’s a website for further information at, or check it out in-world.

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