Restaurant Owner Concerned Over Palmer-Driven Surge In Custom


Canberra may not be known first and foremost for its cuisine, but it has a proud culinary culture. One eatery is less than thrilled with the surge in business driven by Clive Palmer’s ongoing negotiations with the major parties and other Senate cross-benchers. Dim Sim Jim’s is owned by Reg Brown, a former shearer’s cook and local personality. It has been operating out of Belconnen for more than twenty years, and in recent times has become a hive of politician activity.

“Usually our local member doesn’t come near Belconnen, let alone the big bods, but it seems the heat’s gotten too much in Civic and they’re heading out here for their dinner conversations,” Mr Brown stated.

Droves of pollies are burning a path to Belconnen, Dim Sim capital of the ACT

Droves of pollies are burning a path to Belconnen, Dim Sim capital of the ACT

Over the past couple of parliamentary sittings, an influx of power-brokers and staffers has stretched the resources of the small restaurant with its eclectic menu of pasta, pizza and six varieties of dim sims.

“It’s not just about Clive Palmer turning up in his Rolls. There’s the trailer he tows with his staff and the security guards we have to employ to keep the locals away from his car. Add in a Minister or Government Senator and it just gets ridiculous.”

Jim Brown is using the extra attention to lead a campaign for more infrastructure funding for the restaurant precinct in Belconnen.

“If we’re going to have all the knobs coming out here on a regular basis, they should make sure we have a bit more money to cope with them. Otherwise they can truly slum it and go to Dickson or Ainslie,” Mr Brown concluded.

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