Google Lively bites the dust

After less than five months, Google have pulled the plug on Lively.

In a fairly terse statement, no substantive reason is given for the axing beyond wanting to concentrate on “our core search, ads and apps business”.

It’s a quick demise for a virtual world that showed some initial promise. It did have its controversies over its short life, but nothing that would have driven this decision. Lack of patronage is the most obvious explanation and there’s no doubt that competitors will feel a little more sunlight’s appeared on the horizon for their products.

Will you miss Lively? Will we see Google re-enter the marketplace in the near future or will they just buy up someone else to achieve any virtual world ambitions they have?

Virtual Worlds London lineup finalised

As mentioned previously, we’re a media partner for Virtual Worlds London. It’s looking like a dynamic get-together, with quite a list of speakers finalised.

Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon is one of the many notables. If I were attending myself, I’d love to ask some questions of Niniane Wang, Google Lively’s Engineering Lead, on how Google perceive Lively’s performance to date. Australia’s own Bruce Joy, CEO of VastPark is on the speakers list as well.

So if you’ve got a spare few thousand dollars and a couple of weeks to go to London – why not register to attend?

Weekend Whimsy

1. OhMy Kidd – Jamm For Genes (Second Life)

2. The Goony Swim Party – In Second Life

3. Google Lively… ? Gia Moves In

Sex and Google’s Lively – the darker side

I wince sometimes at some of the stuff the Second Life Herald publishes – it’s an individual taste thing – but their expose on the darker side of Google’s Lively is well worth the read. The Herald’s Pixeleen Mistral posed as a 13-year old avatar and was subjected to some unwanted attention.

Any 3D chat experience is going to attract deviants – the challenge for Google is how they manage this.

Google Lively’s creator scores keynote at VW London

As mentioned previously, we’re a media partner for the Virtual Worlds London conference. They’ve just announced that the creator of Google’s Lively, Niniane Wang, will be a keynote speaker.

A new session called FastPitch has been introduced, which allows companies to showcase their virtual worlds-related service or product. You will need to provide a submission beforehand and the best will get the stage for their pitch.

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