Pub Offers Kids Meal Without Chips


In what is believed to be a first, a pub has offered a meal for kids that doesn’t contain chips.

In direct contravention of the guidelines developed by the World Pub Food Governance Authority, hotelier Frank Dixon is offering a small portion of Chicken Caesar Salad on his pub’s menu for kids.

“We thought it’d be something different to offer a meal that wasn’t chicken schnitzel and chips, spaghetti bolognese and chips or fish and chips.”

chicken-chipsWhen asked of the reaction to the menu addition, Dixon was ambivalent.

“The punters seem to appreciate the option, with at least one in fifty ordering it. It’s the death threats from the other local pubs that I didn’t fully expect.”

Dixon’s anger at his competitors is based on the perception of self-interest.

“They’re all bloody hypocrites – Jimmy Wallace over at The Royal offers grilled chicken and sweet potato wedges. He claims it’s within the guidelines for chicken and chips but he knows he’s in the wrong.”

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