3D Mailbox – no kidding

This below YouTube clip isn’t strictly humour, but it sure is funny. If you like hyperbole for an application that TechCrunch calles the Worst.App.Ever, then this short clip is well worth a view.

If you’ve used 3D Mailbox in Sl, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Second Life humour roundup

A few humourous snippets for the weekend. Some are derivative of other work but still funny.

1. Adventures in First Life Redux

2. Drive Your Car in Google Earth

Not Second Life related but close enough:

3. The Helpful Home Bot

Let’s call it abstract humour:

RL interpretation of the avatar

Thanks to Wolfie Rankin for the heads-up

Dream come true – owning a coffee shop

Veteran American satire site, The Onion, has cast its gaze on Second Life…..


As a regular Onion reader I’d had money on the first story having something to do with ‘male slob as sexy female avatar’ – shows you they don’t go with the obvious.

A pictorial history of Second Life

Over at Second Life Safari they like satire and it’s in full force with their ‘A Brief Pictorial History of Second Life’.


On the pictorial theme, we’re always keen to receive in-world shots of activities, Australian or otherwise that may be of interest to SLOz readers. Any used will receive full attribution.

The Fake Doctor’s Association

“Ever wanted to impress someone by telling them you’re a doctor? Or have you ever wanted to be a doctor but lacked the time, money, and sheer will to go to school for it? Well not to worry! By joining The Fake Doctor’s Association, you get the title without all the fuss! Now you can finally tell people that you are in fact a person of medicine!”


That’s the description you’ll find for the Fake Doctor’s Association, which I was offered membership of late last year after a conversation with an FDA member. This week I received a Group Notice from FDA’s founder (pictured):

“Hello Doctors,

I have an assignment for all members of the Fake Doctor’s Association. This week, I want you to commit malpractice at least once and tell me about it.

To help you, here is an axe.

Janette Deakins
Founder, The Fake Doctor’s Association”

So if you see someone wielding an axe, they’re likely to be fake health professionals, so no need to be concerned.

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