The seven-minute tour: fifty virtual worlds

Gary Hayes has completed a fascinating walk-through of fifty virtual worlds. It’s well worth spending the time having a look:

Montages like this emphasise the growth and potential of the virtual worlds sphere. It also emphasises the challenges around interoperability, determining appropriate levels of governance and the role of business in the mix. The only sure thing is that a significant number of the fifty featured won’t gain the critical mass or niche for longer term survival.

Over to you: how many of the fifty worlds have you participated in? I can count a dozen I’ve spent more than 10-12 hours in, and another dozen I attempted to sign up for but didn’t progress because of restrictive computer requirements. More on that later this week.

Interoperability landmark – first ‘cross-teleport’

I can’t explain it any better than Tateru Nino has on Massively.

Essentially, the first documented movement of avatars between two separate virtual worlds has occurred. It’s a stark reminder of the progress occurring and where virtual worlds are likely to be in coming years.

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