A New Model For Online Journalism: Nanotransactions

For those who write for online publications, the issue of payment and financial viability of online publications is one that’s not going to go away in a hurry. One Australian journalist has developed a great idea to potentially solve the issue, and both publishers and writers bear the fruit.

Here’s the overview:

As both a publisher and freelance writer for a range of print and online publications, this model makes huge sense to me. As a reader, it also finds a nice balance between a desire to pay for content and being able to afford to pay for it. The option to receive payments for republishing content is probably the most interesting part of the whole model and would solve another longstanding issue.

The team at Nanotransactions are looking for funding, so go have a look in more detail at what they’re offering.

What’s your take?

Journalism in Second life: research underway

In the past week i had the pleasure of spending an hour with Annabelle Boyd Jones, an Honours research student from the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney.

Her research is on the role of journalism and governance in Second Life. To my knowledge this is an unexplored research area and should provide for some fascinating results. I’m pleased to have been what will hopefully be one of many research subjects. The Fourth Estate role of journalism in virtual worlds is at an early but influential stage. Research like Annabelle’s will help to encapsulate the progress so far and the challenges to come.

Kudos to the University of Sydney in driving communications research in arenas like virtual worlds.

If you’d like to put your view forward on this topic, head to Annabelle’s blog.

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