How To Send An Email Link To A Web Page in Safari (OSX Mavericks / El Capitan / Sierra)

UPDATE: have confirmed that below works identically in OSX Yosemite, Mavericks, El Capitan and Sierra.

You’ve probably noticed that in the last couple of OSX updates, some pretty standard things in Safari have changed. One that has annoyed the hell out of me is the “removal” of the ‘Email Link to this Page’ option in Safari. So here’s to to send an email link to a web page.

It turns out the option isn’t removed, just buried. To get the option, you still go to the File > Share menu in Safari, where you’ll see the ‘Email This Page’ selection. Just hold down the shift key and it’ll change in front of you:

I’d be interested to hear from you: do you more often want to email a link to a page rather than the whole damn page? It seems to me Apple have it backwards in that you should hold down shift to email the whole page, with the link option the default. What do you think?

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