The PIER opens

Owned by Sydney-based Carys Dahlstrom (and virtual dog Wullie!), the PIER is becoming one of the more popular social venues. Although its been around quite a while (I remember spending some time there months ago), it’s had a facelift and a move to a new sim. The (re)opening was held last weekend:




In Carys Dahlstrom’s own words: “I guess I just want a ‘safe’ place for people to hang out. I had this place before on another sim and had to move it as the sim couldn’t cope with the traffic. Somewhere to go without the ‘gambling and sex’ pressure. Good music, good fun and good people”.

Idlers also get to walk the plank and buy the t-shirt afterwards.

Thanks to Simon Kline for the opening pics!

Check it out in-world.

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