Run! Robot learns to use bow and arrow

Like monkeys, everyone loves a robot, and they continue to evolve in complexity at an impressive rate. The ramifications for society more broadly are obviously huge and although I doubt we’ll be facing a Dalek / Terminator scenario in the near-future, there’s still plenty to ponder. Take the iCub for example: it’s the result of a five-year project funded by the European Commission through Unit E5 “Cognitive Systems, Interaction & Robotics”.

The purpose of the iCub project is:

to study cognition through the implementation of a humanoid robot the size of a 3.5 year old child: the iCub. This is an open project in many different ways: we distribute the platform openly, we develop software open-source, and we are open to including new partners and form collaboration worldwide.

Said iCub nailed a bulls-eye on its eighth attempt at Archery. How long can it be before it has a death ray and an attitude to match?

via [Technabob]

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