ABC Island Update

As anyone who’s visited ABC Island this afternoon will know, things are back to normal. Rollback is one of the strengths of the platform and it was demonstrated today. At the AIMIA seminar this evening on The Future of Virtual Worlds (wrap-up of the event will be published tomorrow), Abi Goldflake recounted how the community response to the issue had been a vivid demonstration of the Australian SL community working together and that the cause of the issue was yet to be established.

It was also a demonstration of how Australian SL users value the Australian community areas that are available.

Update 1: Abi Goldflake has posted a message to the ABC Friend Group on the events of yesterday:

“Hi everyone, just to recap for those who didn’t hear – the island has been rolled back after being griefed and everything is back to normal. We’re working with Linden Labs to try and find out how this happened so we can prevent it in future. Thank you so much to all of you who helped us detect this and then deal with it – the loyalty of the community has been fantastic to see. I’m thinking we might have a small memorial (!) in the sandbox with some pictures of the bomb site for those who didn’t see it.”

Update 2: The mainstream media has also covered the issue, led by the ABC themselves mid-afternoon yesterday, with ninemsn and Sydney Morning Herald following suit

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