Scrivener for iPad and iPhone in 2016


Update 3: The eagle has landed!

Scrivener for iOS – Here Next Week!

Scrivener for iOS is finished at long last and will be on sale in the iOS App Store from this coming Wednesday, July 20th. Here are the details:

• Price: $19.99
• Release date: 20th July
• Requirements: any device running iOS 9.0 or above (iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, iPod Touch)
• Available in all the same territories as we sell our macOS version on the Mac App Store. (Note that 1.0’s UI is English-only, but we will be adding other languages in a free update.)
• Syncs with Scrivener for macOS and Scrivener for Windows using Dropbox (or you can copy projects between devices using iTunes)

We’ve been posting regularly on our blog covering various features you’ll find in Scrivener for iOS. You can find the posts here:

You can also find a couple of early reviews here:

Many thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and support for Scrivener iOS over the years. I know it took a long time to get to this point, but I hope you like the end result. This time next week you’ll be able to carry your Scrivener projects around in your pocket.

Update 2: It now appears the development is occurring in house after some ongoing frustrations with developers.

Update: the team at Literature and Latte have added some information into their pre-Xmas 2014 newsletter, claiming it’s all systems go for a 2015 release of the iOS version:

Scrivener for iOS continues to progress (I know, I’ve been saying that for three years now). We were hoping to have it in private beta-testing by the end of the year, but are not quite there yet – although we are very close. We now expect to be entering private beta-testing early in the new year. Internal beta-testing will take a couple of months at the very least given that we have to be sure that syncing is working well and isn’t going to lose anyone’s work before unleashing it on the world, so it will be a little while yet before we start showing screenshots and talking about the release date – but it is coming. Once again, my sincere apologies for how delayed this project has been. But short of nuclear destruction, Scrivener for iOS will surely be out in 2015 at last.

For those like me that use Scrivener in their daily writing lives, you may be hanging out for a version of Scrivener for iPad. It was originally slated for a 2013 release, but a change of developer has pushed that back. According to Literature and Latte, things are now on track for a 2014 release.

If you’re a writer and use an iPad, you should be slightly excited by this – if you haven’t checked out Scrivener before, here’s where to find out more. It’s available currently for both Windows and Mac.


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