Ups and downs for Linden Lab

It’s been a big week for Linden Lab. They’ve recorded their highest ever level of concurrent users (more than 68 thousand online at one time) – positive growth albeit with some intermittent login issues at the same time. We’re looking forward to the next lot of metrics from Linden Lab to see what impact the growth has had on active Australian resident numbers.

In the past 24 hours another significant event occurred with the launch of the SLim client – basically it’s an instant messaging application that allows you to see which SL friends are online. Tateru Nino gives an excellent overview of SLim on Massively and it’s fair to say she wasn’t impressed. As of a few hours ago, you can no longer download SLim. Apparently the link for downloading wasn’t meant to be public. It’s an unfortunate saga in the context of increased growth of residents and the support for applications that allow greater interaction without firing up the full browser. Here’s hoping an improved version appears soon.

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