We’re still here! A quick update

Just a quick note to update on three things:

1. Apologies for the less frequent posting over the past month or so – work and study have combined to limit my time. The frustrating thing is my study is 100% virtual worlds related so I’m coming across lots of great information that I haven’t had time to write about. Which leads to point two:

2. As I come across information I’ve decided to use Scoop.it to publish interesting pieces from across the web to this site. It’ll be no more than one or two a day, but as always I’d appreciate feedback on whether you find this useful. You can also view our full Metaverse News magazine on Scoop.it as well.

3. I’ll be continuing to write regularly myself on the field, so thanks for sticking with the site. We’ve got some interesting posts in the works, so keep on reading.

Latest Quarterly Briefing available

Just a quick heads-up to our infrequent / casual readers that the latest quarterly briefing is now available. You can view it here or sign up to receive them automatically via email each quarter. For the dedicated virtual worlds observer the briefings may not have much new but the feedback we get is overwhelmingly positive from those who have a more fleeting grasp of issues in the field.

As always we love feedback, so please do contact us if you’d like to see other publications come on line.

One final thing – our 2011 Virtual Worlds and Business publication should be completed and available by mid-February 2011. If you’re a vendor with a good virtual worlds solution for business, now’s the time to pitch it so we can include it in the roundup.

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