Location guide for new users

Tateru Nino from SL Insider has formulated a brilliant list of locations for new SL users to visit.


It’s well worth spending some time checking out the locations mentioned.

ABC island hits a snag

ABC island today experienced a significant degradation overnight due to unknown causes. Veteran aussie resident Wolfie Rankin, who is one of the ABC island admins, was offered the whole ABC Sandbox as inventory, which obviously rang some alarm bells. The island looks a little different at present:




We’ll keep in touch with the ABC’s Abi Goldflake to determine further details as they become available.

Personal Boundaries in a virtual world

America’s National Public Radio (NPR) is running a story on SL called Don’t Stand So Close to Me. It looks specifically at the issue of personal space in SL and there’s some interesting, if not surprising results:

1. Male avatars tend to keep more distance from each other than when interacting with a female avatar

2. That there’s a natural tendency for users of SL to maintain real-life personal space boundaries

3. That the level of eye contact is intrinsically linked to personal space


The premise is that these issues are both hard-wired and ingrained in our real-life social behaviour that they naturally flow over to SL. As the social behaviour expert says in the interview – we’re not as free as we moght think we are in a virtual world. It’s also another example of how SL provides ample opportunity for human behaviour research.

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