New WindLight viewer available for Second Life users

All the details here. I love the aesthetic improvements WindLight brings to Second Life, just hoping this release is a little more stable than previous ones…

Update: A new non-WindLight viewer is now available for download

Fixes on the way for Mac users of Second Life

Linden Lab have announced a new optional Windlight viewer update and in the process have claimed a bunch of fixes for Mac users. As a Mac-using Second Life resident I don’t think I’m alone in saying stability has been an even bigger issue than those on Windows-based computers. The progress is indeed welcome.

The scenery just got prettier

Yesterday’s Linden Blog posting heralded a major step forward in the visual strength of the SL platform – Linden’s acquisition of the Windlight graphics technology from Windward Mark Interactive.

As Linden Labs say themselves, the short story on the technology is “killer skies”. The initial shots supplied certainly live up to that description:

(Photo part of set created by Torley Linden – access the full set here)

The Windlight-enabled viewer is available “now” for PC users – though I can’t find the specific download link. No firm date on the Mac release as yet.

What’s not clear for Australian users of SL is the impact on bandwidth and whether lag will increase further. However, announcements like this do flag the oncoming wave of enhancements resulting from open sourcing SL. And here’s a YouTube video provided by Linden Labs to showcase Windlight:

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