Are you part of a couple? Contribute to ‘V2’

Some of the most read articles on The Metaverse Journal are our regular features: Weekend Whimsy, The Watch and our semi-regular Interviews.

We’re about to launch another one : V2 (short for Virtual Two). It’s a chance for two people to write about their views of the other person. Here’s a real-life example, but I have no doubt there’s much more interesting stories going on in virtual lives. Second Life is the obvious source, but if your friendship / relationship is happening in Habbo, Kaneva or World of Warcraft, we’re definitely interested in hearing from you as well. If this sounds like your thing, contact us and we’ll respond within 24 hours with some guidance in putting your story together. We currently have one couple working on their story and hope to publish it in the next week or so.

As always, your thoughts on this new feature (or anything else) is always appreciated.


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