Linden Lab CEO departs

Rod Humble leaves Linden Lab

Isle of Mousai, Ancient Alexandria

It’s all a bit unofficial yet, but as Daniel Voyager has posted (via Jo Yardley), Rod Humble appears to have finished up at Linden Lab. It’s hard to be surprised when any CEO calls it quits after a tenure of three years or so, but it’s interesting Linden Lab themselves have had nothing to say as yet.

I had the opportunity to share a radio spot with Rod 2 years back, and on that and in other interactions he’s always been more than polite, and I hope he picks up something fulfilling down the track. It’s also well worth having a look back at Tateru Nino’s interview with Rod Humble from February 2011.

Anyone want to guess a replacement?


  1. It was shocking and sad news when I first heard about Rod leaving the lab when everyone else did. Back in 2011 everyone said Rod was the right one for the CEO position and everyone was excited because Rod had a excellent gaming background. In 2012 and 2013 the lab introduced many great improvements to Second Life but communications was a big failure.

    I hope the 4th CEO of Linden Lab will stay with Second Life for more than 3 years and that he/she will listen to the SL community more. We need someone that knows Second Life and someone who has been active for a long time.

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