Fans Annoyed At Wait For Game of Thrones Season 5


Fans of what is arguably the world’s most popular TV show are getting increasingly frustrated at the delays in the screening of Series 5 of Game of Thrones.

Senior Business Analyst Miles Hawthorn was scathing.

“The show’s producers spend so much time hyping each series when they could be getting the damn shows out there for us to enjoy, as is our right. It’s like the actors prefer pimping themselves out at comic conventions rather than getting their butts onto the set.”

Series 4, which concluded this week, saw some key characters die and the story change tack yet again, but it’s all too little for Haberdashery Quality Manager Sheree Markham.

“If D-Day could be launched in one morning, why the hell are we waiting more than a few days between series? The writers seem to take longer than Tywin Lannister in the bathroom – it’s a farce.”

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