Euclideon Keeps On Keeping On

Long-term readers will know we’ve been following Bruce Dell and his company Euclideon for essentially the whole of their commercial life.

Here’s a very recent presentation from Bruce Dell on the upcoming launch of the Holoverse VR centre in Brisbane. It also has a useful interview section at the end. Have a watch:

The cynics still abound in regard to Euclideon and their claims, but it appears there’s ongoing progress and growth – whether they end up world dominators is far from certain, but I doubt anyone could argue they’re not trying damn hard to do something great.

What’s your take?

We Hate People Episode 12: And So It Goes

logo-withtagline-blogsize300x300After a too-long break we’re back to talk US presidential elections, Batman vs Superman and Tesla cars just to name three topics.

The Show Notes

– Listener suggestions (thanks Jay Connell!)
– Donald Trump and the US Presidential primaries
– Batman versus Superman / Fans vs Critics
– Tesla Model 3 (link)
– Vale Ronnie Corbett (link to some great examples of his work)
– Assorted ranting, rambling and banter

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We Hate People Episode 11: Pedestrian Rage

logo-withtagline-blogsize300x300Huge audience demand (ok maybe just some guilt) means we’re finally back on deck after a long Xmas hiatus. We jump in with some great listener-suggested topics as well as a decent debate over the US Presidential election.

The Show Notes

– The ridiculousness of 3D (and 4D) movies
– Listener suggestions (thanks David C and Ben McJ!): Pedestrian Rage, Older drivers, and Phil Anselmo’s White Power Nazi Salute.
– Unadulterated plug for The Music Week
– The US Presidential Election – we pick a winner (sort of)
– TV recommendations: Trailer Park Boys, Occupied, Billions
– Deadpool movie discussion

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Vinyl From The Vault: Gilles Pellegrini 12 Hits No.76

An ongoing series showcasing less common albums and their covers

French pop covers record – no. 76 in the series. No year displayed but given there’s covers of Elton John’s Nikita and Lionel Richie’s Say You Say Me, it was released circa 1986-1987:


Apple Mail and POP Account Offline in El Capitan

Since upgrading to OSX El Capitan, I noticed one of my POP accounts keeps going offline. That account is hosted on Godaddy and after some web trawling it seems that Godaddy hosted POP email accounts won’t play nicely with Apple Mail under El Capitan. This may be the case with other hosting providers as well.

Thankfully, the solution is simple. Go to Preferences in Apple Mail and under the ‘Advanced’ tab there’s an option labeled ‘Automatically detect and maintain account settings’. If you
uncheck that box, your account will start working again.

Here’s a screen shot example:


I hope that’s of some help!

We Hate People Episode 10: Funky Miasma

logo-withtagline-blogsize300x300Wow, ten shows and we’re still here! We celebrate with some in-depth discussion on everything from body odour to flu pandemics.

The Show Notes

– Listener suggestion (thanks Ben McJannett!): Keyboard activists and the Melbourne Cup
– Crowd behaviour, body odour and the zombie apocalypse
– Halloween post-mortem
– TV Reviews: The Inbetweeners, Continuum

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My Teen Is Moody – Is It Normal?

Some reassuring news from science this week, on the mood swings of teens. A Dutch study published in Child Development has a bunch of outcomes that should put at least some parents’ minds at ease:

Most Teen Mood Swings Decline with Age

Adolescence is typically regarded as a period of heightened emotionality. Although the teen years are an important time for youth to learn to regulate their emotions, little research has looked at the development of teens’ emotional stability. Now a new longitudinal study has found that adolescents’ mood swings decline gradually as they get older, which should reassure parents about their moody teens while also helping identify when instability is considered risky and requires intervention.

The study, conducted by researchers at VU University Amsterdam, the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research, Utrecht University, and Tilburg University, all in the Netherlands, appears in the journal Child Development.

“We found that early adolescence is the period of the greatest volatility, but adolescents gradually stabilize in their moods,” according to Hans M. Koot, professor of developmental psychology at VU University Amsterdam and the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research, a coauthor of the study. “An important message to teens, parents, and teachers is that temporary mood swings during early adolescence might actually be normal and aren’t necessarily a reason to worry.”

Researchers followed 474 middle- to high-income Dutch adolescents from ages 13 to 18. Forty percent of these adolescents were at high risk for externalizing behaviors (e.g., aggressive or delinquent behavior) at age 12. Using Internet diaries, the teens rated their daily moods in terms of happiness, anger, sadness, and anxiety during three weeks of the school year for five years (that is, a total of 15 weeks spread over five years). Using these daily assessments, the researchers calculated fluctuations in day-to-day mood and then analyzed whether these showed any developmental changes across the five-year period.

During the course of adolescence, teens’ moods became more stable for happiness, anger, and sadness, the study found. Although girls had higher variability than boys in happiness and sadness, the rate of change across adolescence was similar for both sexes.

The researchers posited that teens’ moods could become more stable because events that are new in early adolescence (such as first romances, which can be exciting, and conflicts with parents about leisure time, which can be frustrating) happen less frequently as teens grow older. And it’s likely that adolescents figure out over time how to deal more effectively with changes in their moods.

Anxiety was the only mood that didn’t fit in with this overall pattern. The variability in teens’ anxious moods waxed and waned, with an initial increase, then a decrease, followed by an increase again toward the end of adolescence. This trend could be explained by the transition toward adulthood, the researchers suggest, which might induce more anxiety swings in late adolescence due to teens’ increasing responsibilities (such as leaving school, going on to higher education, or getting a job).

“In general, heightened mood variability will eventually pass,” notes Dominique F. Maciejewski, a Ph.D. student at VU University Amsterdam and the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research, and the study’s first author. “By demonstrating that most teens get less moody across adolescence, our study provides a solid basis for identifying adolescents who develop in a deviant way. In particular, teens who continue to be extremely moody or who get even moodier across adolescence may need to be monitored more closely since earlier studies have shown that extreme mood swings are related to more emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal problems.”

So there you have it – though there’s one very important point to make. You are likely to know your teen best so if you think something’s up, then perhaps there is an issue to discuss or get help for. If in doubt, seek guidance from a qualified professional such as a psychologist, counsellor or general practitioner.

[For the research nerds to full citation is: Child Development, A Five-Year Longitudinal Study on Mood Variability Across Adolescence using Daily Diaries by Maciejewski, DF, van Lier, PAC (VU University Amsterdam and EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research), Branje, SJT (Utrecht University), Meeus, WHJ (Utrecht University and Tilburg University), and Koot, HM (VU University Amsterdam and EMGO Institute for Health Care Research). Copyright 2015 The Society for Research in Child Development, Inc. All rights reserved.]

We Hate People Episode 9: We Is Broken

logo-withtagline-blogsize300x300A month since the last show and there’s been a change of Prime Minister and a whole bunch of world events that have hit. We tackle that superficially as always and throw in some pop culture and guesswork to fill things out.

The Show Notes

– Being befriended by a gossip (thanks JayConnell!)
– Penguins, ignorant tourists, bystander apathy and trashy magazines
– Australia gets a new PM
– Ban Halloween in Australia!
– Fear the Walking Dead: better than its parent program?
– Recommendation: Star Wars Aftermath book (link)

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Is Skype Dead? Why Yes It Is

Update: Skype came back online for a few minutes at 11.30am AEST but is down again now.

In case you hadn’t heard, for the past half a dozen hours and counting, Skype has been dead:


The said the fix is hopefully close, but in the meantime queue the Microsoft gags….

Can’t Find The Apple News App On Your iOS 9 Device? Here’s Why

Happy man distracted when reading a newspaper.

No News App FOR YOU!

Today I downloaded iOS 9 for one reason only: to check out the News app and see how it compared to the third-party options out there. After installing iOS 9 I was surprised to find no news app. After trawling for a while online for reasons why, I then resorted to asking friends on Facebook.

Thankfully Macworld Australia’s editor pointed me in the right direction: Australia alongside a bunch of other countries don’t have content deals sealed, so it’s no News app for us.

Not happy but not surprised when i think about it. Now it’s a waiting game on how long it takes. Anyone want to place wagers on 2016 or 2017?

[Huge hat tip to Macworld Australia Magazine]

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