Make your own (de)motivational posters

Thanks to this website, you can easily make your own motivational posters. It’s as simple as uploading a pic and coming up with some text, like this:

Go get creative and please feel free to post a link to yours in the comments.

The Hitler Downfall meme continues

For those unaware, there are now hundreds of short pieces on YouTube using the Downfall movie as a basis – a movie I need to add is well worth buying in its original form. Each parody addresses a contemporary issue. Although a meme that’s been pretty much flogged to death, I couldn’t resist making one that addressed yesterday’s milestone of 10 billion apps downloaded on the Apple App Store. It takes a swipe at Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Apple in fairly equal amounts.

Have a look for yourself:

Auto-correct embarrassments turn to gold

I love me a good humour site. Whether it’s Awkward Family Photos, Cake Wrecks or the now over-hyped S*#t My Dad Says, there’s plenty of places to get a laugh.

One I hadn’t come across is Damn You Auto Correct. It’s a regular update of screenshots of awkward, humiliating and just plain funny SMS messages on smart phones, where the phone has auto-corrected words.

Aside from providing lots of laughs, the site raises one big question: why the hell don’t people read the message before hitting send?

Thanks to a fellow musician forumite, Botch, for the link.

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