Gamer Revolution on ABC TV

Tomorrow evening on ABC TV, the first of a two-part series called Gamer Revolution will screen. It’s a wide-ranging look at gaming but from the snippets I’ve seen I believe Second Life receives an examination.


SL on 60 Minutes tonight


60 Minutes ran a story on Second Life this evening. It’s an Australian produced story and featured reporter Liz Hayes. It leant heavily (read: very little new information) on the Australian users covered in the SBS documentary – Diana Gales and Blair Styles. ABC gets a mention but surprisingly Telstra doesn’t. The flow of the story was fairly clumsy to boot as it mixed in Entropia Universe here and there so it appeared it was all the one thing at times. Add to that the usual heavy dose of sex / gambling obsession and it was typical 60 minutes tabloid approach

The story transcript will appear here

Some big guns take aim at SL’s usefulness for business


The SL Herald in their inimitable style discuss some criticism being leveled by big business at SL. Quoting a Forbes article titled ‘Sex, Pranks and Reality’, the SL Herald summarise the corporations shutting up shop or thinking about it. The prize quote from the Forbes article comes from Wells Fargo’s digital agency:

“Going into Second Life now is the equivalent of running a field marketing program in Iraq.”

Of course, I’m yet to understand why any corporation would go into SL with any perception other than it being an experiment. An experiment with potential for success, but one all the same.

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