Creating a famous Mii for Nintendo Wii

Ever wondered how some Mii creators make some amazing looking avatars that resemble celebrities? I’d assumed there was an option to buy different customisations on top of the default options, but I was wrong. All it takes is the default set with a lot of imagination.


What also helps is a site called Mii Characters which has step-by-step guides for hundreds of Mii customisations. Enjoy.

Running a virtual world

Following up from my last post on energy use and MMO’s – there’s an interesting interview with a hosting facility on the logistics of keeping World of Warcraft’s European servers running.

Energy use by MMO Gamers

This blog post gives some scary statistics on the energy used by MMO gamers who are too lazy to log out and/or turn off their computers when not gaming.

I’ve been guilty of this at times – the fact my house runs on 100% green electricity is no excuse.

A history of the Commodore 64

There’s a superb retrospective on the venerable C64 here

 I was a Vic 20 boy myself, but only due to financial constraints…..

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StarCraft 2 – The Latest News…

Well, I wish I had the latest news but it’s all still very secretive. If you don’t know what Starcraft is, Simon Tsang from the SMH gives a good overview.

The Blizzard site currently has the following splash images:



I loved StarCraft and played it for three or four years when it was released. My prediction for the title of its sequel:

StarCraft 2: Conquest Beyond Korea

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