How to stop receiving your phone book (White Pages / Yellow Pages)

For Australians: if you’re like me, you may not have opened your hard copy phone book in months or years.

There’s now an option to cancel receiving them. Whether you want to save trees, space or both, go here to cancel your next phone book delivery. I feel better already!

Music apps for the iPhone and iPad: new resource

Pro Music Apps is a new site devoted solely to iPhone / iPad applications that are music-related. One of its co-owners is a good friend of mine who has a quarter of a century as a musician and music producer under his belt, so there’ll be no shortage of in-depth knowledge and valid skepticism of dodgy apps.

The site has only recently launched but there’s already plenty of content on there. With the iPad now a reality, music applications will continue their explosive growth. Sites like this will play a role in sorting the wheat from the chaff – so why not give them a try?

Beautiful Kate: the Second Life aspect

Over the past year we’ve had the absolute pleasure of playing a small part in Beautiful Kate, the recently released film directed by Rachel Ward.

You can read about the project in much more detail here. Here’s a short machinima we created to showcase some of the work done:

Converting Excel to HTML

It took me a while to find the most efficient way to avoid using Microsoft’s export to HTML function, as it didn’t work well when using the exported HTML in a WordPress post.

Here’s the far superior alternative – enjoy.

Creating a famous Mii for Nintendo Wii

Ever wondered how some Mii creators make some amazing looking avatars that resemble celebrities? I’d assumed there was an option to buy different customisations on top of the default options, but I was wrong. All it takes is the default set with a lot of imagination.


What also helps is a site called Mii Characters which has step-by-step guides for hundreds of Mii customisations. Enjoy.

Google Wave: Australia’s major success story?

Ninety minutes is an insane amount of time to spend watching one YouTube video, but this one is worth spending the time on.

Google Wave was developed primarily in Sydney and is a potential game changer. Ok, I’m going to rephrase that – this IS a game changer in the most significant kind of way. It’s intuitive, it eliminates a whole lot of duplication and it actually improves the email experience. Before i start dribbling, do take the time to watch the video and make your own judgements:

Of course, I have a potted history with predicting Google successes, having been very upbeat about Google Lively, which died after a few months operation.

Connecting a Nintendo Wii to an Airport network

For those of you that own an Apple Airport or Airport Extreme, you may find the Wii’s interface a little obtuse as far as connecting to that network.

If you just want your Wii to connect directly to your AirPort, here’s how:

1. Ensure you know your Airport’s ‘name’ – if you go to the Airport icon at the top right of your screen you’ll see the name of the Airport network you’re connected to. This is what the Nintendo Wii calls your SSID.

2. Turn on your Wii and navigate to the Wii settings (icon is on bottom left of the screen).

3. Go to the second page of settings and click on ‘Internet’, then ‘Connection Settings’. There you’ll enter your Airport network’s name. Then click on the blue arrow to the right of where you’ve entered the name and you’ll be presented with password options.

4. I had set a WPA2 password for my network so that’s the button I clicked and then entered my password. You may need to launch the Airport Admin utility (Applications -> Utilities) to confirm which type of password you’ve set.

5. Click ‘Ok’ then let the Wii do it’s connection test. It’ll tell you if it’s successful and if it’s the first time you’ve connected the Wii it’s likely to download an update, which may take a while.

6. That’s it!

The Website is Down

Geek humour at its very best.

The blurring between internet and TV continues

YouTube on your Sony TV anyone?

I’ve lost my WordPress password – what do I do?

You use this excellent (and free) tool. You just need to have access to the server your WordPress installation is on and you’re laughing.

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