A decent and free online survey tool

I was requested by a client to set up an online survey on a short timeframe and at minimal cost. I did a decent scout around and throughly investigated three:

1. Survey Monkey

2. Zoomerang

3. Survey Gizmo

I’ve used Survey Monkey before and really like its interface. Unfortunately, the free option only allows ten questions and this survey was nearly thirty, so that ruled Survey Monkey out.

Zoomerang is also a nice option and allows thirty questions but only 100 people can respond.

So, Survey Gizmo won out – lots of templates, unlimited questions and 250 responses per month – all for free.

WordPress copping more hacker heat

For the code junkies, Donncha O Caoimh gives the lowdown on recent hacker activity with WordPress blogs.

This is an excellent security plugin for WordPress – download it today, it’s free after all.

Joomla requests on the rise

In the past few weeks I’ve had a handful of enquiries via the site asking for us to consult on a Joomla installation. Unfortunately we’re snowed under for the coming three months and could only take on WordPress setups, which are quicker (and cheaper for you as well). This site runs on WordPress and I’d argue it’s superior to Joomla except in situations where large amounts of new data is handled daily by your site.

I’m also regularly asked to recommend a Joomla developer – I always point people to the Joomla Forums as a starting point – there’s one great community there.

I’ve lost my WordPress password – what do I do?

You use this excellent (and free) tool. You just need to have access to the server your WordPress installation is on and you’re laughing.

WordPress 2.3.3 – urgent security release

All the details here

Need to convert Joomla to WordPress?

Today I needed to convert a Joomla site to the WordPress platform. After much research I found out a way:

1. Install WordPress. An important point here: you’ll need version 2.2.2 or earlier (you’ll see why below).

2. Download this excellent conversion script and follow the instructions closely. This script only works on WordPress versions 2.2.2 or earlier (see point 1).

3. That’s it! Obviously it won’t fix broken links etc but it does a beautiful job of getting all that text between the two platforms.

How Google works

Ever wondered how Google works logistically and technically?Then check this fascinating, simply worded walk-through

19,20,21 – our future

This is a fascinating site discussing the challenges the world faces with population growth – it’s hard to work out the underlying ideology of it but there’s an obvious business connection. Worth a loook even if just from a design viewpoint.

If you’re a blogger and want to win prizes…

Then Pro Blogger’s Birthday bash is happening this month.


ProBlogger is well worth a feed subscribe if you do any active blogging – lots of good tips and news on new monetisation options.

Stripe Generator

Stripe Generator is a free DIY service that allows you to design your own striped web page background. Simplicity at its very best.

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