BigPond and ABC make debut on NWN’s Headcount

Veteran aussie SL writer Tateru Nino has released her Mixed Reality Headcount for this week, and as promised the Telstra and ABC presences were measured and feature prominently – The Pond at number four and ABC Island at number eight.

Tateru has invited comment on the stats.

Australian Popularity contest – May 2007

We had a lot of positive feedback the last time we showed the performance of Australian presences in SL, so we thought it time to revisit. One thing that hasn’t changed since last time is the fact that the two major presences are the BigPond and ABC islands.



Some other Australian presences and their respective traffic:

1. Australia Sim -2776
2. Terra Incognita (Uni of Southern Qld) – 937
3. Esperance Island (AFTRS) – 244
4. RMIT Ormond Island (Public) – 298

Some of the traffic figures continue to place Australian locations well and truly in the big leagues. That said, the traffic statistics themselves are at best indicative, change every day and are also being removed in future updates. Hopefully the replacement functionality will provide an even clearer picture.

(Methodology: one-time sample (Saturday 26th May at 1.15pm AEST) utilising SL search functionality)

Aussie population update for May – 10K here we come

Meta Linden has once again provided an update on SL metrics. In the past month, Australia has continued its growth to 2.59% of the overall SL population (up from 2.41%), which makes it the 11th largest country represented:

1. As at 30th April there were 3,768,092 unique residents (up more than half a million on last month)
2. Ten percent of that is 376,809. (the ten percent rule is the rough guide on active users)
3. 2.43% of THAT is 9759.

As we stated last month, we expected the growth to continue, albeit at a much slower rate after the large jump in March. Our prediction for next month is continued growth but at an even slower rate.

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