Australians in Second Life Update – finally a bounce back

Linden Lab have released their metrics through until the end of February 2008. The regular downward trend has been reversed, with 12,245 active Australian Second Life users. That’s an increase from last month’s 10,885 and Australia remains in 11th place in terms of countries with active users.

There’s still a fair climb to exceed previous highs and there’s no guarantee this is now an upward trend but at least the trend in the other direction has ceased for now.

Australians in Second Life Update – stagnant as she goes

Linden Lab have released their latest set of metrics through to the end of January 2008. The metrics show that the Australian active user population is 10,885, up marginally from last month’s 10,644. Australia remains at its long-standing 11th position in the world, with 2% of the overall active user population.

The lack of growth is becoming a longer term issue and it’s natural to wonder what the impact of ongoing glitches and lag (due to no local SL servers) is having. What do you think?

The growth in Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG)

If statistics and charts are your thing then you’ll love this site which provides a roundup of everything MMOG from a metrics viewpoint. Any business wondering whether there’s a market in virtual worlds need only spend a few minutes looking at the graphs to get a pretty clear answer…

Latest Second Life service metrics posted

It’s all here on the Linden blog. There’s now a full set of data for 2007 performance including until end of January 2008:


It’s fair to say things are still far from pretty on the stability side. Still more than one in five Second Life sessions end in either a viewer or region crash although there’s been a marginal improvement in frame-rates.

How’s your stability been in recent weeks?

Trend Map 2008 – virtual worlds front and centre

Ross Dawson is an Australian who speaks widely on future technology and he’s recently created a 2008 Trend Map for technology. It’s modeled on a Shanghai train route map and it’s remarkable in how successfully it summarises where things may go in the coming year.


Ross considers virtual worlds as a key aspect involving technology, society and demographics. I think he may be right.

Disclosure: The Metaverse Journal is a media partner for the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum being held in Sydney on February 19th – Ross Dawson is a key driver behind that event.

Australians in Second Life Update – down again

Second Life metrics to the end of December are now available and from an Australian perspective there’s been a significant drop in active users – 10,644 is the number cited, down from 11,982 in November and a long way under the fifteen thousand of mid-2007.

Australia maintains its position as 11th in terms of worldwide active users. Given there’s record concurrency (number of users online at the one time), why the sustained drop off in numbers?

Linden Lab release customer service metrics

Linden Lab has a long standing mantra of being as transparent as possible although over the past year this has been tested in the customer service area, with a number of changes undertaken with little consultation or notice. A small step back in the other direction has occurred with the announcement that customer service metrics will be released each month.

The metrics themselves are rudimentary but at least provide some ideas on service trends. It’d be nice to see statistics around abandon rates (how many people gave up waiting in queue on the phone) and number of support tickets were resolved rather than number of tickets submitted.

Credit for another step in transparency but it’s far from full transparency at this stage.

Metrics for virtual worlds

Business-oriented site Metaversed is running a very interesting story on metrics in Second Life and the implications for business. To date, measuring the amount of activity in worlds like Second Life has been fraught with inconsistencies and downright impossible in closed worlds like World of Warcraft. Of course, traffic numbers don’t equate to engagement, the real holy grail for business.

Australians in Second Life Update – steady as she goes

The November economic statistics are available and it shows an active Australian Second Life population of 11,982, a whole seven more the September figure of 11,975 (Linden Lab didn’t release anything for October until the update today).

Once again Australia remains in 11th place world-wide, which is 2.21% of the overall vatar count. Given that this time last year the population explosion was well under way, it’s fair to say that things are stagnating a little from the Australian perspective. The Xmas / New Year break may lead to some more sign-ups or we may end up with more of the same. Have we reached saturation point in Australia? I wouldn’t have thought so but the argument that it’s seasonal is getting tenuous given the period of time it’s been going on.

Update: New World Notes has an interesting discussion on the plateau phase Second Life has reached.

Second Life is really just Wagga

Whilst trawling around Linden Lab land metrics, it occurred to me that it’d be interesting to work out how much of Australia Second Life would take up.


As of the end of September 2007, the Second Life grid equated to 871.32 square kilometres of land. Australia is 7 682 300 square km, so all of Second Life makes up just over 0.001 precent of Australia. Tasmania is 68300 square kilometres so even though Second Life seems vast, we’re more a small city (roughly two Wagga Waggas) than a world in geographic terms. Funnily enough, Wagga has a population of nearly sixty thousand people – not much more than the number of people using Second Life in peak hours.

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