Linden Lab launch another podcast

Linden Lab have had a couple of attempts at regular podcasting, and the latest is a series called Stories from Second Life. The subject of the first one is Studio Wikitecture, a collaborative architecture project.

The prolific Torley Linden is producing these podcasts so hopefully this will become a true series of podcasts. Strangely, you can only play the podcast directly from the Linden blog – given that adding podcasts to services like iTunes is free, it’d be nice to see that option in the future.

Don’t forget, we have our own podcasts – our next episode is being recorded this weekend.

Episode 3 of TMJ Podcast – Wolfie Rankin, Australian Furry in Second Life

Episode 3 is live and it features an interview with veteran Australian Second Lifer, Wolfie Rankin. We discuss a wide range of topics including furries, ABC Island and the Australian community in Second Life.


For details on how to automatically receive these podcasts, check our podcast page.

Any feedback on the podcast is welcome and feel free to comment below this post. Suggestions of future guests or topics also very welcome.

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