A quick tour of Sony’s virtual world – Home

Below is a great end-user tour of Sony’s Home virtual world for Playstation 3. There’s a lot to like about the graphics and parts of the user interface with Home. It’s certainly thrown down the gauntlet to Microsoft and Nintendo who have some catching up to do with their consoles. The most obvious question to me when seeing worlds like Home and Twinity, is why would you bother with Second Life unless you were passionate about creating your own content or engaging in adult activities not available on the consoles?

On to the tour:

A big thanks to Skribe Forti for the heads-up.

Sex in Sony’s Home?

The YouTube video below has been doing the rounds of the social media sites. If very close dancing and the odd suggestive comment equals sex, then indeed Sony’s new virtual world for the PlayStation 3 is a hotbed of fornication:

Thanks to numerous sources for the link, including Dizzy Banjo and Pavig Lok.

The blurring between internet and TV continues

YouTube on your Sony TV anyone?

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