Would Hoover Dam have been built today?

Watched a documentary on the construction of the Hoover Dam – the deaths that occurred due to heat, carbon monoxide poisoning etc were incredible. Would such a project happen today? Even with all the better technology, there’d still be high injury risks that would require GW Bush to pass legislation like Hoover did banning unions totally.

Ok – so maybe it could happen nowadays.

The statistic that impressed me the most – had they poured the concrete for the dam wall in one large pour, it would have taken 125 years for it to cool down. I’m impressed by stuff like that.

Photoshop and comas – for B

I have a friend, who I’ll just call B. I’ve known him for four years and throughout that time he’s done some legendary humourous photoshop work – stuff that just makes you do a hated ‘lol’.

Well, I just discovered today that B is currently in a coma – partly as a result from all the computer work he does, of which the Photoshop humour is a significant part.

Hang in there B.

The future has arrived

Being 2006 here already, I always have a head start on knowing what new things develop in 2006. My dear friends, the same ones who are the rabid fans of this blog, roll their eyes when I talk about how there are now flying cars (which is what I said a year ago when 2005 rolled around) or how there are now cyborg slaves to be had.

I’m getting a bit tired of the cynical responses to my assertions. How the hell do you know we don’t have cyborg slaves down here?? If you had seen our Attorney General’s picture you might be less sceptical. So here’s a picture to put the issue to rest:

Maybe now you’ll treat me with a little more respect 😡

Avoiding the Cliche

One of the driving forces behind my healthy ego is the belief that cliche needs to be avoided. It sets apart those who can create art, from all the never-rans who bathe daily in stereotype and cliche. Therefore, today’s topic for discussion is:

My Year’s Resolutions.

1. To see if I can keep this blog going beyond the 5th January.

2. To be discovered by a talent scout at a major publishing house here on this blog and based on what’s contained here alone, signed up on a 5-book, 28 million dollar contract. Based on that last sentence alone I’m a shoe-in.

3. To continue to forge new non-cliched pathways through the existence we call life.

Cricket – there’s a subject!

Unless you’re from Australia, England, the West Indies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, New Zealand or Pakistan, you probably have no idea what Cricket is. Or you may have seen it on TV for thirty seconds, shaken your head and gone bake to your Sudoku puzzle.

Well, all I have to say on the topic is that it is the one sport I love – all 40 hours of it (if it’s a test match).

If you don’t like cricket then you aren’t civilised – most people don’t realise that is a Newtonian Law.

I’m feeling the pressure

The reponse to my first few blogettes has been overwhelming. There’s been a general lauding of my capability, attention to detail and extremely humourous approach to the intrinsic human condition.

Trouble is, I got nothing else to say that I can think of…………

Maybe a discussion on Behringer gear?

I know – I installed Native Instruments’ Acoustik Piano plugin last night and have had my mind blown by how good it is – you can hear the virtual hammers lifting off the strings, stuff like that.

That’s all I’ve got. 🙁

Bunny is my friend and worst critic

Bunny is a cool guy. He has wit, intelligence and a body that’s gonna kill him (as opposed to one to die for). In other words he’s just like me.

Trouble is, he thinks this blog is already as boring as bat-shit. I think that’s a bit harsh this early on, but given he’s me and I’m him, I can’t argue too hard. What a bind to be in.


Gumboots by Paul Simon

Will always mean a summer’s afternoon down here, with my younger cousins visiting. Filling in a post-Christmas few hours, with Gumboots playing as a 45 single on a turntable / double cassette deck combo.

“Thinking I had supernatural powers, I smashed into a brick wall”

Beaches are overrated

How can sand be anything but suckworthy? Everything from walking to breathing on the beach is harder than just about anywhere else. Give me a river or dam any day. The ideal mutation of beach and lake can be found in Canada – Georgian Bay for starters.

What’s the point?

I don’t know yet.

I’m thinking of just posting ideas I have combined with thoughts and feelings expressed on some forums I hang out at.

An example:

At http://themanwhofellasleep.com/gossip.html there are some superb quotes, such as:

Why should I tip the bin men? They don’t tip me for leaving the rubbish out every week.

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